Lighting System

Cosiness, functionality and safety C EIC offers a wide range of innovative lighting systems and accessories for furniture manufacturers,kitchen cabinet makers,commercial projects. Our developments are focussed basically on an appealing design and high practicality C both for the end user and for your production. we offer you appealingly designed, reliable and flexible solutions which can ideally be used in interior lighting environments for ceiling, wall & floor, for accent lighting as well as for merchandise and luminous displays.EIC sees itself as a systems supplier C our products and the necessary accessories reach you wired ready for connection thus allowing you to fully concentrate on your core business.

We create innovation by questioning the achieved and considering again and again your requirements when designing new technologies and systems.

For EIC life stands for drive, quality and a high design orientation. As a result of that we ensure the known long service life of our products and create individual solutions fitting in the best possible way into the envisaged worlds of life and labour.

Trust builds up by performance C do get in touch with us!